31-mil Capabilities

In light of today’s boards growing smaller in size and heavily populated with components, test point spacing are decreasing smaller than 50mils requiring test probes to also reduce in size and spacing.  At Arcadia Test, our expert engineering and production team have many years of designing fixtures to accommodate 39mil center probes.

It starts with our engineering team meticulously processing and prepping the file properly before it is passed on to our drilling department.  The drilling technician would then perform a second check on the project and then use the Excellon Drill.  This versatile drill machine could accommodate any hole diameter with impeccable precision and is able to hold tight tolerances.  Its has high speed spindles to assist in improved hole wall quality for the smaller diameters, such as 39-mil centers.

After drilling, the plate gets inspected for any hole breakouts.  When passed, the assembling begins with placing the 39-mil receptacle by use of specialized probe insertion tools to assist the technicians to properly place each receptacle onto the plate.  When wiring of the fixture is complete, it is then placed on a Fixture Verifier to ensure that all wiring is correct and all probes have register precisely to its intended targets.

Many years of experience coupled with advanced tools and a skilled work force, Arcadia Test is proud to provide the end-users with a superior 39-mil product.