Genrad Products

G1, G2, G4, and G6 Genrad

Arcadia Test is proud to introduce the Zion Series of Teradyne(Genrad, Testation/228X) test fixtures. They are made up of a robust base that will withstand continued actuations of 25Hg or higher. These reliable fixtures can take on the harshest of manufacturing conditions and still maintain the most accurate target registration. The Zion gate is the longest lasting in the industry and has absolutely no pinch points. Operator safety was a key element in its design. With its sleek finish and high performance, it is the industry’s’ most dutiful and cost effective test fixture. The kits are available in a variety of sizes, G1, G2, G2 Extended(23 rows),G4, and G6. Interface panels are also available with a variety of different load configurations.

We are proud that all of our parts are fabricated and manufactured in the USA> This kit comes with lifetime warranty* on all parts.