Excellon Drill

Arcadia Test believes in the use of technology advantages. When the business was started several years ago, we could have gone out and purchased the same old drill equipment that all out competitors use. But we didn’t do that, we didn’t want to use technology from the early 1990’s, we waited until we could afford the newest, most advanced equipment on the market. Of all the time consuming processes involved in fixture fabrication, drilling is not only the most critical, but it consumes a tremendous amount of time. The longer the plates take to drill, the longer it takes for you to get your fixture. Speed is just one issue, accuracy is the other. If the holes are not drilled straight, you’re not going to hit your targets reliably, period. The drill tolerance is .0005”, the table moves at over 1000 inches per minute, and the head retracts at up to 1500 inches per minute, this drill is lightening fast, and accurate.  Our new Excellon Concept 129, has all the features that will ensure the integrity of every hole drilled. From the peck, pulse drill, and routing options, to its higher speed heads, and its newer version CNC 7 controller and software, it simply outperforms all our competitors’ older equipment. Even our backup, older Excellon System 2000 driller is newer than most of our competitors drills. Bottom line, it allows us to lessen the drill process time, improves the accuracy, and gets you a more accurate fixture, faster.