Arcadia Test's Wireless Technology

At Arcadia Test, we understand that our Customers need Fixturing Solutions that rival todays   technological advances. A fixture technology that met the requirements of the 1990’s, may not   provide the necessary features required for todays complex test strategies. We developed our new line of Zion Wireless Test Fixtures with our Customers in mind. 

Kits and Sizes Available


Single bank

Double bank

Teradyne Test Station(228X)



G4– 20X30”

 L- 25X30”

Advantages of Wireless Technology

Increased signal integrity

Ability to control impedance

ECO’s are fast and easy

Low profile design

Faster delivery

Faster program debug

Increased Test stability and Reliability

More cost effective when duplicates are needed

PCB Design and fabrication are the most critical factors in building a Quality Wireless fixture.  Our designer has 10+ years experience in the design of complex Wireless Interface Boards. Automated development tools make the process seamless and error free. Using PADS PCB, and Spectra Auto Router Solutions, our PCB designs can be adapted to any requirement. Whether it be special guarding requirements for clock lines or custom trace design to meet  specific power requirements, we can handle all your needs.  Our quest for perfection does not end with the design.  Our PCB fabrication vendor is a leader in large multi-layer PCB fabrication. Their State of the Art facility provides PCB’s that are 100% flying probe tested, and are perfect every time. Please consult our Sales Department with any questions regarding the Zion line Wireless products.