We at Arcadia Test have over 20 years of experience building backplane test fixtures.  Our personnel have a long history in building fixtures specifically designed to test backplanes on various test platforms. We have built fixtures for Testronics test systems, TTI universal grid testers, and 9090 universal grid systems.

  Backplane testing is a unique style of testing because the true nature of testing a backplane is to test through the connectors whenever possible. Bare boards and ICT test platforms test at the board level and rarely will test through the connectors. This is why you need a company that has the experience in this special field of testing. We know the physical requirements for making reliable contact to the assembly for thousands of test nodes. We offer options that include full testing of all connector pins, economical options for opens/shorts testing, and other electrical options including orientation of connectors through switch probes and presence of features on assembled boards such as guide pins. 

  We can also provide programming in various forms along with the fixtures. This may be as little as providing a wiremap of the fixture to a full program with onsite debugging to ensure that the test provides reliable results. Our personnel have installed fixtures throughout the United States and various countries around the world.

  We understand that there are flying probe options for your backplane assemblies. Rather than rely on one test or the other we will work with you to optimize a plan that gives the greatest coverage at the best speed possible. Our knowledge of each test can help produce better throughput for any contract manufacturer. Let us help solve your backplane testing needs.