While we at Arcadia Test specialize in ICT fixtures we have a division that is dedicated to Functional Fixtures. This division has the capability to meet any and all demands of your functional fixture needs. We can provide a variety of customer needs from providing a fixture kit with drilled plates to a fully assembled and wired fixture that is ready to plug into your test equipment. We pride ourselves on providing solutions for our customer’s problems.
  Our standard functional fixtures generally use a sheet metal box with a manual overclamp (as shown in the photo) but we can provide many more options. We can create custom kits and custom overclamps that will meet any requirement that you may have. We have built fixtures that range from 2 test points to over 20,000 test points and everything in between. We have also designed circuit boards for various design issues including plug-in connector mates to transfer boards where we convert an existing test method from plug-in cables to a probe based fixture to improve throughput.
  We have Solidworks software which allows us to provide conceptual drawings for customers so that they can have an idea of what their fixture will look like. This is very helpful for both Arcadia Test and our customers to work out design issues before building saving time and effort. Many times this processed has saved countless hours by getting the design right before committing man-hours and material to a design that may need rework. We then have the capability to provide full documentation upon fixture completion if needed.
  Along with design software we have a 3D printer that allows us flexible and fast design solutions to meet various needs. Whether we need to hold various parts in place or need to create a unique mechanism in the fixture the 3D printer gives us a very cost effective tool for our customer’s needs.
  In a nutshell, we at Arcadia Test can do it all for you no matter the need. Let us solve your problems.