BGA Accessories

BGA Spring Support

Ever had a BGA with too many probes located directly underneath it, causing excessive stress on the component? And too many components populating the unit under test?  At Arcadia Test, we have the answer.  Where push rods cannot reach, we use our BGA Spring Support Unit.  This is a spring-loaded device used as counter force to the probe force applied to the BGA.  It is positioned onto the BGA with precise compression calculations just enough to support the BGA.  With this solution, BGA testing can be effectively accomplished without damaging the component.

Unit can be used in conjunction with testjets.

BGA Frame Push

This unit is used on BGAs when push rods cannot be used.  It is made up of 4 solid walls that push downward around the perimeter of the BGA.  It provides a leveled support to minimize board flex around the BGA.  This durable unit provides a low-cost and effective solution for BGA protection.

Unit can be used in conjunction with testjets.