BGA Cooling Assembly

Todays’ PCB’s generate a tremendous amount of heat, especially around the BGA’s. We offer several products to aid in cooling these parts during debug, and test. If the main concern is cooling during debug, a simple cooling tube can be used. These are very inexpensive, and they simply allow air to be pulled into the vacuum chamber above the BGA through a hollow nylon tube. These can be capped off after debug if cooling is not needed during test. We also offer a heatsink/fan combination that dissipates the BGA heat through a copper heat dissipating material, which then has heat drawn away from it by a fan from the top side. These are more expensive, but will satisfy cooling requirements for both debug and production test. We also offer a Vortex Cooling tube that can generate cool air onto the BGA down to below zero temperatures if necessary. No matter what your requirement for cooling, we have a product to get the job done.